Solar Defence

Solar Defence is an addictive tower defence game set in space with some new interesting elements.


  • 6 towers and tech-upgrades.
  • 10 maps on 5 planets with unlimited levels*.
  • 10 types of enemy spaceships.
  • Earn XP and spend them between 10 different and unlimited skills**.
  • Endless mode. How many attack waves can you survive?***
  • Find artifacts to improve your skills. All are randomly generated and gets more powerful at higher levels.
  • Platforms get damaged and eventually destroyed at higher levels. Damaged platforms are repairable.
  • Lots of achievements to unlock that will give you rewards.

* You have to beat level 10 on the last planet (Tarliak II) first. See FAQ for more detailed instructions.
** A few skills has a maximum level. See Skills for more detailed information.
*** You have to beat level 10 to unlock Endless Mode.